Areas of excellence


Warehouse logistics

A proper logistic organization of the warehouse should enable the reduction of handling and storage costs and improve the level of customer service.
The warehouse is increasingly becoming a strategic area of the company in which products are customized according to the needs expressed by customers.
NoE makes its skills and experiences available to companies with the aim of designing or improving:

  • layout of the logistics site
  • structural elements (storage systems, tools and equipment, automation)
  • organisation (roles, tasks)
  • processes (activities, procedures, operating instructions)
  • materials management (types of acceptance checks, allocation criteria, withdrawal methods, inventory management)
  • method of identifying materials and traceability
  • physical and information flows
  • information systems (WMS)
  • logistic accounting system (profit and loss account)

Distribution Logistics

A correct sizing of the company distribution network and a proper management of all types of transports should enable the customer to be reached with timeliness and cost-effectiveness.
NoE supports companies in designing or reviewing the distribution network and in evaluating shipping companies, in particular:

  • in the organisation of the distribution network
  • in the design of transport modes
  • in the optimization of costs and pricing
  • in contractual and regulatory consulting
  • in transactions and negotiation with suppliers
  • in the introduction of transport management software: selection and implementation support

Logistics outsourcing

The outsourcing of logistics is an expanding process which however does not always lead to the achievement of the expected results and this is because a preliminary scientific and consolidated analysis process is not always done and then followed.
NoE supports companies in the complete outsourcing process, right up to the start-up of the identified solution:

  • in the analysis of economic convenience and technical feasibility of outsourcing / insourcing
  • in the selection of suppliers
  • in the definition of technical specifications
  • in the evaluation of technical and economic proposals
  • in negotiation and transactions
  • in the definition of the supplier’s control system
  • in the management of the outsourcing / insourcing projects

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