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Planning, control and financial flows

The need for careful, informed and preventive management

The crisis that has troubled world economies for years has had major repercussions for companies, which in many cases were thrown into an operating context profoundly changed from the past. The market difficulties added to the difficulties of financially supporting the company and of ensuring staff levels.

The availability of always up-to-date and well-structured managerial, economic and financial information, together with the ability to simulate the evolution of possible operating scenarios, is crucial to enable companies to consciously make decisions, take appropriate and timely corrective actions, react and withstand difficulties encountered, and even to seize new development opportunities.

Paying particular attention to realization costs and the time required for activation, NoE aims to help companies set up and start personalized, simple and pragmatic models intended to process the most appropriate and suitable information to support and guide the strategic and operational management of the company, as well as manage the related economic, financial and assets-related aspects.

Industrial plans for restructuring and/or reorganization, systems and models for administration and management control, planning of financial flows and treasury management, feasibility of investments and sizing of working capital, budgeting and reporting systems, monitoring of the structure and sustainability of debt, are all tools that enable the company to facilitate the interaction between the various functions, to make management analysis and operational decision more efficient and effective, to set strategic decisions by simulating their effects in different scenarios and contexts, to make communication processes with external entities – primarily the banking system and investors in general – more effective.

What we offer

NoE intervention is carried out following a typically “managerial” protocol, with a direct presence “on site” to support the company’s operating structure, by combining consulting methodology with management skills, to give clear, immediate and practical responses to client needs. NoE professionals operate directly “on site” during all the phases of the assignment: design, implementation, consolidation.
In specific cases, upon client request, they can also take on real management roles within the corporate structure to better oversee the most sensitive and delicate areas in order to achieve objectives and project results.

How we work

The process that leads the company to finalize its own planning and control model, together with its own cash flow forecasting and treasury management system, is based on 4 macro operational steps.

  • Step 1 - Critical analysis of the current situation

    In the first step, NoE professionals support the client in identifying the operational and organizational problems related to the commercial, production and financial objectives that the client intend to pursue.
  • Step 2 - Development of guidelines for information management

    In this second step, the intervention of NoE focuses on identifying the “sets” of information that, in relation to the problems identified with the client, can better guide its strategy and operation, as well as finding the tools and ways of processing and using this information, always with an eye to limiting time expended and costs to the client.
  • Step 3 – Implementation of solutions

    In the third step, Noe professionals guide and test the implementation of the information tools defined and previously agreed to with the client, to lead and improve the management and the “performance” of the corporate functions involved in the project that are administration-finance-control, operations and supply chain, human resources, commercial, etc.
  • Step 4 - Consolidation

    In the final step, NOE ensures the effectiveness of the information tools, by verifying their assimilation by the corporate team, so that it can guarantee the maintenance of achieved results..

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