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Restructuring and corporate reorganization

State of crisis and need for change

The need to devise a new organization and new business model, as well as new markets and products, is often perceived by the companies when the symptoms of a crisis that negatively affects the company’s economic and financial performance are significantly evident. The ability to promptly identify the causes, define an effective recovery plan and promptly implement the necessary interventions are key factors in the management and success of change within any company.

NoE aims to help companies to identify their critical issues, redefine their objectives and implement solutions. Internationalization processes, development of new markets, repositioning of your business, reorganization of management and operational processes, evaluation of investments, models for financial planning, acquisitions and integrations, as well as generational transfers are all quite complex and delicate challenges for any company.

Therefore, they must be evaluated and managed with the utmost care and competence, even making use of specialised professionals who can guarantee the necessary support and interaction with staff who are more suited to the governance of the company in periods and situations of stability.

What we offer

In a restructuring plan (Turnaround), NoE undertakes directly primary roles in management and coordination in order to implement the action plans defined and agreed upon with the stakeholders.
In a reorganization (“Transition”), NoE provides the company with “transition” managers that will help the company in revising business models, redefining organizational structure, as well as in the management and operational reset of the company.

How we work

The process that leads the company through a restructuring or reorganization plan is based on 5 macro operational steps:

  • Step 1 – Critical analysis of the current situation

    During this first step, NoE’s professionals work alongside the client to analyse strategies, business areas and models, to assess sales, industrial and assets structure, as well as to identify operational and organizational issues, with regard to the sales, production and financial objectives that the client intends or needs to pursue.
  • Step 2 - Development of guidelines and targets of the change

    This second step is the focus of the intervention of NoE. Our professionals define and share the guidelines for the restructuring or reorganization plan with the client, by identifying specific objectives, actions and timelines for each profile in sales, industrial, financial, and organizational activities.
  • Step 3 – Analysis of financial sustainability

    In the third step, NoE focuses on the evaluation of the financial resources necessary to support the intervention plan by drawing up the business plan, forecasting cash flow, developing the financial and capital structure and evaluating the working capital. In this step, NoE’s professionals also act as a “negotiating” interface between the client and its main financial-related external parties: banks, suppliers and customers.
  • Step 4 – Implementation of solutions

    In this step, NoE’s professionals guide the implementation of the procedures above to steer the change of the company organization according to the set objectives. At this stage, they also proceed to work out correct staff sizing, as well as rationalization of structural, general and administrative costs, and to finalise any extraordinary transaction identified as additional elements of the intervention plan, such as sale of branches of the company and/or of financial stakes, split-offs or capital injections.
  • Step 5 – Consolidation

    In the final step, NoE ensures the effectiveness of the action plan by verifying its assimilation by the company team, so that it can guarantee the maintaining of the achieved results.

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