Transition Management

Transition Management: When consulting and training are not enough

Often the need to undertake a process of change, in order to better face the challenges that companies must deal with in a crisis is not always understood with the necessary speed and decisiveness. Any process of change in a company necessarily leads to major unbalances, especially within the organizational structure, and the staff with the appropriate skills for success with this type of challenge is often not available internally.

Our network offers companies a team of professionals with proven experience acquired over years of work inside companies that enables them to take on operational roles (usually of CEO, GM, CRO, CFO, HRM ) by directly assuming managerial and organizational responsibilities. The aim is helping companies to transform and evolve until they achieve again a satisfactory economic and financial balance.

Defined costs and times of intervention, together with the flexibility offered by performance contracts, free from any legal obligation required by the traditional employment relationship, allow companies to access qualified skills strictly for the time necessary to carry out the expected assignment.

The “temporary” manager agrees and shares the objectives with the shareholders, is personally committed to achieving the established results, to creating an operational structure and a management system that keeps working independently once his mandate has ended.

These are often complex situations that can also require painful interventions (costs and personnel reduction), and therefore are better carried out by professionals not directly involved in the previous management, but with a wealth of skills and experience such as to ensure the effectiveness and success of the change and to be consequently credible also towards third parties fundamental to business continuity, banks and other lenders above all.

At other times, a more simple and specific functional competence is required to develop a clearly circumscribed project that supports the growth and internal development of high-potential professionals who will subsequently assume the same function and the same responsibilities.

Does your company need a Transition Manager?

In case you need a Transition Manager, the password is experience and specialized expertise.

Our managers are not consultants who play company managers, but professionals with years of field experience behind them and a CV that includes a lot of past direct management and functional responsibilities within companies.

There is no way to improvise as a temporary manager. A temporary manager must have acquired specific experience, be oriented to results through an extremely practical approach, be attentive to time and cost of implementation, be able to guarantee the professional growth of internal staff and lead a team, as well as coordinate the work of different departments, motivate towards change and manage tension.

The intervention of the Transition Manager can be often combined with training projects in a single integrated program to improve both the company’s performance and the development and growth of its human capital.

Does your company need a Transition Manager?


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