Training: Developing know-how to compete

Skills development is the true competitive advantage of a company. Our professionals are able to deliver effective training courses and develop advanced training systems on all the methodological excellence of the network.

We carry out skills growth programmes at all levels: from top management to operative staff, in the company or at organizations, schools or other educational institutions.

We provide training to heterogeneous and inter-company groups, or for specific company functions, alongside a path for consulting and management of change.

We adopt innovative teaching models that integrate traditional classroom communication with other systems: from experiential training to field coaching, from networking training to company visits and study trips. We use technology to facilitate unconventional training and distance learning.

We help companies develop in-house academies with a “Train The Trainer” system, providing a path for the development and the certification of teachers.

We can help companies to find funding sources for training activities, through interprofessional funds or other channels.

Does your company need training?

There is always a need to develop skills, but it is necessary to be able to do it effectively.
The choice of the type of training and of its contents must be functional to the objectives to achieve.

Our teachers and consultants are able to support companies also in the choice of courses targeted at satisfying concrete and real needs.
Particularly innovative teaching techniques enable learners to acquire not only specialized skills but also the ability to apply them effectively.

Does your company need training?


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We help companies to improve their plans.

We support managers with a constant presence, aimed at achieving concrete and measurable objectives.


The investment in know-how and human capital is the real asset of a company.

We transmit knowledge and expertise on management methodologies and management techniques.

Transition Management

When the consultancy is not enough, we can take on the management responsibilities directly.

We support companies in processes of important change and restructuring, to regain growth and be profitable.